Why CocoaSAP?


CocoaSAP is a digital platform designed for everyone based on improving the quality of life and Wellness. CocoaSAP is a name for Cocoa, the seed popularly used in chocolate production and beneficial to health. Cocoa help relieves stress and makes your skin beautiful. Another meaning is that drinking cocoa warms the body, as with the hospitality of Thai people, who are well known for their warm welcome and excellent service.

SAP is a Greece word that means Relaxing and Feeling good. Therefore the meaning of CocoaSAP is a Life experience that increases the quality of life and wellness.

CocoaSAP was established during the coronavirus pandemic. It was an opportunity to build platforms that meet the needs of everyone who looks to keep himself healthy, whether in hospitality or Wellness. Because we believe that the global trend will be towards health rather than wealth. CocoaSAP is not just a platform for Traveling but also great for those seeking good quality of life. We provide Outdoor sport, Wellness, and Healthcare that naturally make you healthy through our beautiful journey, fun excursion, tasty Thai cuisine, and relaxing activities in fantastic and friendly destinations.