Traveler Story: Back in Bangkok and only one-day lefts before leaving amazing Thailand?

There are lots of day trips out of Bangkok that allow you to see a new part of Thailand and then return to Bangkok later in the same day.

Whether you book one of the many Bangkok day tours, or just venture out on your own and take public transport, there are plenty of opportunities for exploring the areas surrounding the city.

The great part about Bangkok day trips is the journey there and back usually won’t take more than a few hours.

So you can chill out and relax on public transport or your tour bus before and after your day of exploring.

Not many people know about it, but it is overflowing with natural beauty and is one of the best day trips out of Bangkok, especially if you book it as a tour.

This ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam is easily one of the best day trips from Bangkok.

The country of Thailand used to be the Kingdom of Siam, and its capital city was Ayutthaya. Nowadays, the ruined yet still-standing city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where tourists can come and see the remnants of this once powerful kingdom.

Throughout the grounds, you can find stone ruins of palaces, temples, and Buddha statues.

The biggest and most popular temples to visit are Wat Na Phra Mane, Wat Lokayasutharam and Wat Mahathat. Be sure to look for the mysterious head of Buddha nestled in the tree roots outside Wat Mahathat.

Ayutthaya is packed with things to see and the area is quite spread out, so you may want to hire a tuk-tuk to drive you around for a few hours. It costs roughly 1,000 Baht for the day.

If you’re feeling active, you can rent a bicycle for only 40 Baht for the day and cycle through the ancient city.


How to get there :

The easiest way to reach Ayutthaya from Bangkok by public transport is by taking the train.

The journey takes just over 2 hours. Another option is booking a guided tour so you can learn more about the significance of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoy comfortable private transport.