For years, Phuket island is a well-known island paradise for many travelers who are looking for sunshine and beautiful beaches. This famous island covers more than 5,800 square feet, making it become Thailand’s largest island.

Phuket is a giant mix of everything Thailand has to offer. No matter what you are looking for, there is something for everyone on the island for your holiday gateway. For beach lovers, Phuket is hugely covered with numerous sandy white beaches with emerald blue waters. You can find plenty of sun-bathing beaches, as well as excellent snorkeling and diving spot for your holiday in Phuket. The views alone will make you fall in love with Phuket. For party-lovers, you can experience a ton of lively activities on the island, from days until night.

This Phuket Travel by CocoaSap Platform is for a short trip guide to this Thailand’s most popular island. It includes the Phuket itinerary on how to plan your things to do and see on the island and recommendations for the best beaches, restaurants, cafés, and accommodations. Find out more!